8 06 2010

Capitalism as we know it is not a viable system for the future.

What, then, is the next step for global reformation?

To build off an idea of Noam Chomsky’s, “third-worldization” is (and has been) rapidly depleting resources, and under-utilizing the complete abilities human capital is capable of supplying. The answer, I believe, is a re-thinking of the possibilities of commerce, and an overhaul of current capitalistic practices.

Certain principal acknowledgments must be made about the scope and nature of human efficiency and basic needs. Trade/production specialization, and the utilization of government benefits (social welfare, income tax, business/farm subsidies) can still reduce transaction costs and develop regional economies capable of trade on a global sale, but without the human rights cost. Human rights, quality of life, and inequality measures, must be examined beginning at the local level, and the findings must be used to create new standards, set them high, and those standard to be uniform and applied globally.

As most can easily understand why the “free-market” economy is not (in any real sense) free, the next logical step is to evaluate the beneficiaries of the existing practices and forcibly level the field; fairly compensating work with income and benefits depending on difficulty of the task and the time put in to complete it.

It can no longer be acceptable that criminal behavior is rewarded.

Something must shift.

To treat these issues, of environment, human rights, extreme financial inequality, etc. on a local- or even national level- is incomplete and will not facilitate the kind of changes necessary to alleviate the grave future our excesses have set-up. The movement must be global, and it must incorporate the finest resources available. Intellectual leaders must be pooled from all trades, in all states, countries, and tribes, and from each academic and religious institution, to ensure a cleaner, safer, more serene, and, most importantly, more just world in the future.

It is our duty to make this happen.

The focus must be on advancement for all, not some.

Misused power, aimed control to benefit a select elite, and the mass deprivation of information about the reality and severity of issues facing the human race as a whole, must cease immediately. This century, if it is to have learned anything from the last, must acknowledge the overwhelming benefits that innovation, cooperation, and the creation of supreme environments can provide, and that these three components are essential to the achievement of most imaginable goals.

The future for all of us can be bright, indeed, and I am excited to be a part of the new realm of business-people. There is quite a swell of people, on all levels that are interested and commited to changing the face of local, national, and global commerce.

This new realm suggests that businesses will, in the future, be created with the best interests of people, animals, and our Earth at heart. As I suspect, successful businesses of the future will be run by people concerned with ethics at all levels of society. These businesses will create products and services aimed at serving people, preserving the environment and overall, contributing to the betterment of the entire world.

Something to look forward to, I believe.

A brief note:

My writings come directly from the heart, and only do they briefly pass through my brain for a bit of editing assistance. Also, my idealism refuses to be silent. In writing this blog, my faith in the endless possibilities of humankind can be heard, and hopefully shared.

Thank you for reading.



Dreams (2)

25 04 2010

One of the most difficult things about transforming your dreams into reality is that you must first accurately define your dreams.

Defining your dreams means taking something that only exists in your mind and expressing it so that others can understand it.

Dream definition can also be problematic because dreams take on so many different shapes; big, small, immediate, long-term, global, celestial, fantastic, practical, etc.

Figuring out which dreams you are going to concentrate your energy on is essential.

Once you’ve established which dreams you are ready to transform into action, the real work begins.

Take, for example, my gigantic dream to save the world.

Although this dream is overwhelmingly difficult, and it is clear that it cannot be accomplished alone, I’ve decided that my taking part in transforming it into reality is non-negotiable.

My belief is that this world, and all of its inhabitants can evolve by the implementation of new technology in the areas of transportation, food production and energy.

My dream is that we, as humans, will move forward on this Earth.

I dream we will unite as one species, and hold up the importance of nature as is once was, making decisions in the future according to the impacts they will have on all living things.

The moves we make from this point on will have a direct and visible effect on the world as we exist in it.

If more people decide to have this dream, to save the world, our future will be bright, indeed.

My dream is to be a part of this transformation.

Mostly, it is my dream to work on the forefront of the local, sustainable, and urban agriculture movement.

I believe that the process must start by enabling nutritious foods to be grown in areas that lack employment opportunities.

With the utilization of  new “green” technologies, existing abandoned structures and vacant lands can be re-imagined, reclaimed, and regenerated- sparking food production and community development in a brand new way.

A key aspect to the local food movement, and especially to the urban farming initiative, is to provide opportunities for the residents of these areas to be benefited on multiple levels.

Setting up structures that beautify neighborhoods, offer attractive employment incentives, community building opportunities, and a nutrition-based cultural climate, would have serious potential to aid in the obliteration of poverty.

I am excited about this dream- but more excited about its transformation into reality.

Dreams (1)

18 04 2010

Dreams are amazing, inspirational tools.

Dreams exist in contrasting worlds:

One world exists while you are awake. This world, where we spend most of our conscious time, has many perceived constraints and limits.

The other world, which comes alive while you slumber, holds endless possibilities and options for courses of action that would be incomprehensible in the waking state.

I’ve found that one of the hardest things to do (when it comes to your dreams) is to sift out what is feasible to put into action, and what is not.

Sometimes, it is important (albeit difficult) to look at this reality vs. fantasy paradigm. Herein lies a fundamentally existential dilemma.

When a person is given the ability to see things for the way they could be, but not the guidance to know the way to get there, there is internal discord.

The most enlightened and visionary people assert: there is no difference between the possibilities of reality and those that exist in fantasy.

The world I live in was created long before me. It has been affected by many important individuals, events, and cultures, and it continues to morph in countless ways before my eyes.

Although I did not directly have any influence in constructing this world, there is an opportunity for me to influence the way in which it will evolve.

As the world I live in exists now, all-consuming machines live and breathe alongside of me.

They work overtime to make sure that the old-world messages of individualism, vanity, and financial gain are  hard-wired into my brain.

These messages say: keep consuming,  with our guidance. All will end well.

The culture, the mores, and the emphasis on the negative which the media propagate are not flush with my personal the values or beliefs.

What’s more, it does not seem that the society to which I belong is focused on the business of dream realization, and certainly not  on the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Thus, this idea- of transforming dreams into reality- is difficult to understand, tricky to enact, and even more challenging to bank on.

Where does this leave me then?

It leaves me wanting more.

My heart longs to completely understand the words and the ways of the visionaries and the enlightened.

I am ready to take the dream of living in accordance with the genius of nature, the fantasy of evolving humankind, and the reality that many others want this shift as well and fuse them together.

To be an integral individual in this collective effort to re-green our Earth and re-warm our hearts.

Beginning to meld my fantasy and reality into one beautiful existence on this planet is exciting, and, while it has the burgeoning constraints of waking reality, it also holds the promise for the unbounded opportunities the dream state affords.


25 03 2010

After reading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” I looked back on my writing and realized that a lot of it speaks about the future.

This entire blog in fact, is about the future and love, and although I understand that the idea of envisioning my future is an act of my ego, I’m not convinced that this is a bad thing.

I am interested in the future because I am aware that all of my actions in the present will inevitably contribute to it, and that there is real weight in what decisions I am making right now.

My present is incredibly important to me as well, and Tolle’s affirmation that now is the only true thing to be experienced, has left me questioning the extent of this statement’s validity.

The experiences I’ve had in the past, combined with my hopes for the future shape my present reality.

Without the past or thinking about the future, I’m sure that my life, and my perspective on it would be different.

I agree that it is extremely important to live in your present reality.

Clearly, it is not healthy or progressive to be stuck thinking about or being severely affected by your past.

I also agree, however, that being too concerned with your future life can negate all of the beauty, wonder and perfection that exist at any and every given moment of your present life.

Right now, I am grateful for all of the wonderful elements in my life.

As I continue to explore my abilities as a wife, daughter, sister, writer, artist, musician, and member of society, it is my main goal to live each moment vibrating on a frequency that will continue to further elevate my experiences in the future while aiding in contribution to explain those of my past.


6 03 2010

What are the certain steps which must be followed in order to see all your dreams become manifest?

My dreams are lofty and when I share them with others, many times they are not taken seriously because of their nature and scale.

Ok, so my dreams are lofty, but I’m sure they are all completely feasible.  What I’m not sure about, is the correct path to take in order to reach each of them

I know that there is a world of opportunity that exists for people like me. Now, more than ever before in human history, there are direct ties that connect like-minded individuals to one another. These connections, transcending distance and time, must lead to linking those supporters and encouragers with access to resources, with those interested in putting great ideas to use.

In our global climate, there are many issues that face humankind, and it is tough to simply focus on the commitment to making a couple of things better, when so much could use improvement.

My dreams are, as I have mentioned many times, to see humankind focus their attention on taking care of one another, and our Earth; getting the world population’s basic needs met, and then exceeded.

As this is a huge feat, my work in the near future will most likely be locally based, but now I’m trying to figure out what exactly that looks like.

I know there is an immeasurable abundance of good in this world, and with people coming together in acknowledgment of it, anything is possible.

That’s where I come in.

Most people that I’ve spoken with suggest that in order to effect real action and impact, it is necessary to be highly degreed.

This means that I need to find a program that will enable me to setup  and put my ideas into action; one that will allow me to focus all of my energy on my task, and see it’s realization taking substantial shape by the time the program is completed.

The issue that I’m having is that all the graduate and doctoral programs seem to be rubric-based, and require classes to be taken that would actually take time and energy away from the research and eventual outcome of my study’s very purpose.

If you want want to change the system, why would you go through an advanced-degree program that is aimed at preparing people to best enter it?

Here is a short list of what I want to accomplish in the future:

1. Write, and be published.

2. Design, construct, and bring to fruition a nation-wide urban farming initiative.

3. Create art.

Each one of these is important to me, and I’ve been working on them all for some time now.

Figuring out the best way to accomplish them all is my true task at hand, and any input or advice is openly welcomed.


17 02 2010

If this is the light of the sun, then it’s a sun I’ve never known before.

Let me drink it up. I need it on my body, in my soul, through my heart.

Your sunshine and your rays of love, dear, let me thank you from afar.

Thank you and love you.

Thank you and love you.

Thank you and love you.


12 02 2010

I’ve got the power.

Harnessing your energy can take a lot of practice and discipline.

Learning to take a quick step back, look at the way you are thinking, and then make a shift in the direction of those thoughts is a priceless lesson.

At times I wonder why anger, frustration, impatience, fear, or any other unwanted array of negative emotions can jump into my brain without permission.

As I’m a kind and loving person, it’s puzzling to me that these feelings come up, and when they do, it is usually with a force that is surprisingly great.

This force, or bombardment of negative energy, can make me say things or think things that are so much outside of my character that often afterwards, I’ll say aloud, “where did that come from” or “that was not my voice”.

When I really try to harness the positive energy that my heart feels and then transfer it to my mind, a strange thing occurs.

Almost as if I am making a statement to myself without words, the healing and soothing that quickly ensue are far to the opposite pole of what my emotions were just seconds before.

The transformation is drastic, and also completely controlled by a conscious acknowledgment of what the desired outcome is to be.

It is truly an incredible phenomenon.